[kaffe] ClassFormatError

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Oct 11 15:37:58 PDT 2004

Pinaki Mukherjee wrote:
> Hi Dalibor,
> thanks for the reply. I am using version 1.1.4. I think I am using the correct class file (it's called Main.class). I even tried running all of the other class files (in case I was wrong), but all of them resulted in the same error.
Hi Pinaki,

hmm, sounds really weird. Have you tried looking at it under gdb, or 
runing with the current CVS?

> Anybody has any idea on how to correctly run the SpecJVM benchmarks using Kaffe?

If 1.1.4 keeps giving you headaches, I'd recommend trying out either the 
CVS, or an older version.

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