[kaffe] mipsel/jit3 regression test results

Mikolaj Habryn dichro at rcpt.to
Wed Oct 13 04:56:29 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 11:11, Timothy Stack wrote:
> To run it manually, you need to do something like the following in 
> sh/bash:

Magic, thanks! Results are:

Bombed with Illegal Instruction: ControlFlowMethods, ObjectFields,
PrimitiveArrays, StaticFields, StaticMethodCall, TypeConversion

Passed: ConstMathMethods, ConstMethods, ParameterizedBitwiseMethods,

Aborted: ParameterizedMathMethods, ParameterizedMethods

...and I got bored waiting for MethodOptimizations to complete.

That was without libffi. With libffi, the differences were:

ConstMethods failed instead of passed.
ParameterizedMethods failed instead of aborted.
StaticMethodCall crashed the box :)


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