[kaffe] invoking interpreter execution in jit3

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Oct 19 03:50:17 PDT 2004

Senthil Kumar wrote:
> Hello Guys,

Hi Senthil,

thanks for the quick reply!

> I was in touch with someone from Taiwan (about 4-6 months
> ago) who was in the process of putting this mixed mode
> stuff into the current kaffe cut (so I think). I think his
> first name was Jim (could be mistaken), but I think he was
> a developer for Kaffe. Perhaps he can help.

Yep, that was our Jim Huang. I've CC:ed him on this mail, maybe he can 
summarize the current status. Djordje also expressed some interest in 
the code on #kaffe, so I've cc:ed him too.

> I think my paper @ Pat Tullman's website does not exist
> (bad link), but if anyone wants a copy, I would be happy to
> send it.

If you send it to me, I could put it up on kaffe.org somewhere, if 
that's ok with you.

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