[kaffe] Problem with deserialization

Mattias Rehnberg Mattias.Rehnberg at home.se
Wed Oct 20 16:42:19 PDT 2004


I have trouble deserializing a class that inherits from a serialized class with member variables with Kaffe, like SerializedSub:

static class SerializedBase implements Serializable {
int count = 0;

public SerializedBase() {}

static class SerializedSub extends SerializedBase {
public SerializedSub() {}

During deserialization, Kaffe seems to set the variable in the object using only variable (slot) information, i e if SerializedSub would have an int x member, x would be set to count (but overwritten with x just after). I solved this by passing the class on together with the object all the way down to getFieldAddress in ObjectInputStream.c, which I modified to work as Field in reflect. Can anyone say if this is the proper way to do it?


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