[kaffe] x86_64 - Status?

Eric Anholt eta at lclark.edu
Wed Oct 20 19:46:32 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 18:53, Michael Franz wrote:
> What is the status of the x86_64 version of Kaffe?  I am running SuSE
> 9.1 on an Athlon 64 and finding that it fails 134 of 144 tests.
> How does the x86_64 compare with what Eric Anholt  just posted about? 
> Is x86_64 not for Athlon 64?

x86_64 was the old name for amd64.  So, yeah, that's what you've got.

When I emailed, I had only tested with two of my very trivial classes,
and after trying one of my other very trivial classes I got a segfault. 
I've tried looking for other warnings along the lines of the
kaffe-methodcalls-external.diff one, but didn't find anything
spectacular.  I've got a couple non-critical warning cleanups so far. 
Actually, I was concerned about jni.c's DefineClass args not matching
the definition from include/jni.h, but I didn't track down if it
mattered or not.

Right now I'm running a make check.  When that finishes, I'll back out
my backout of dalibor's change that he brought up on IRC as being
questionable, and see how that changes regression output (I expect

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