[kaffe] Port to FreeBSD/amd64

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Oct 21 12:32:26 PDT 2004

Eric Anholt wrote:
> Attached are some of my FreeBSD/amd64 patches:

Hi Eric,

thanks a lot for the new port!

> kaffe-config.alias: The name is "amd64" on FreeBSD, not x86_64. 
> (Calling it freebsd2 is ugly as well, but moving files in CVS is uglier)

Thank you, checked in.

> kaffe-freebsdamd64.tar.gz: config/ files for FreeBSD/amd64.  I'm not
> sure about FP_OFFSET, and it may require fp reg saving as in i386, but I
> was using pthreads.

Yeah, with pthreads you don't need the SP_OFFSET stuff. Checked in.

> kaffe-methodcalls-external.diff: The lack of extern.h inclusion caused
> the prototype to be defaulted, I guess, which means an int return type. 
> This truncated the function pointer and caused a crash on startup.

Thanks again, checked in as well.

> It would be nice to default to pthreads on FreeBSD.  However, we have
> two threading libraries: libc_r on 4.x, and libpthread (no 's') on 5.x. 
> I overrode the libpthreads default using PTHREAD_LIBS during configure,
> and that got me almost there, except that ld couldn't find the pthread
> symbols in building libkaffevm.  I just put PTHREAD_LIBS in that
> Makefile.am to get the build working.  This could really use a clean
> solution.

In theory kaffe from CVS should default to use pthreads. In practice, 
that seems to have failed on your system. Could you post the relevant 
bits from config.log and what you set PTHREADS_LIBS to in order to make 
it work?

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