[kaffe] x86_64 - Status?

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Oct 21 12:50:46 PDT 2004

Eric Anholt wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 18:53, Michael Franz wrote:

Hi Eric,

>>What is the status of the x86_64 version of Kaffe?  I am running SuSE
>>9.1 on an Athlon 64 and finding that it fails 134 of 144 tests.
>>How does the x86_64 compare with what Eric Anholt  just posted about? 
>>Is x86_64 not for Athlon 64?
> x86_64 was the old name for amd64.  So, yeah, that's what you've got.
> When I emailed, I had only tested with two of my very trivial classes,
> and after trying one of my other very trivial classes I got a segfault. 
> I've tried looking for other warnings along the lines of the
> kaffe-methodcalls-external.diff one, but didn't find anything
> spectacular.  I've got a couple non-critical warning cleanups so far. 

They are welcome anyway ;)

> Right now I'm running a make check.  When that finishes, I'll back out
> my backout of dalibor's change that he brought up on IRC as being
> questionable, and see how that changes regression output (I expect
> unfavorably).

Thanks! What results did you get with/without backed out patch?

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