[kaffe] Problem for NetBSD1.6

Ito Kazumitsu ito.kazumitsu at mail.hidec.co.jp
Thu Oct 21 20:17:10 PDT 2004

In message "[kaffe] Problem for NetBSD1.6"
    on 04/10/22, Kiyo Inaba <inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp> writes:

> It was caused by
>     2004-09-29  Dalibor Topic  <robilad at kaffe.org>
> 	* libraries/javalib/kaffe/io/ConverterAlias.java:
> 	Use iconv for all encodings if iconv is available.
> 	Reported by: Ito Kazumitsu  <kaz at maczuka.gcd.org>
> And as the comment suggests, this bug may be caused by some relation with
> NetBSD's iconv. Can anyone fix it to work?

I am afraid there is something wrong in
ibraries/javalib/kaffe/io/CharToByteConverter.java and

If ConverterAlias tells to use iconv, getConverterInternal
tries to use iconv.  When getCharToByteIconv or
getByteToCharIconv returns null, getConverterInternal
simply returns null without trying to use non-iconv

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