[kaffe] More amd64, warning fixes, cleanup

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Oct 22 16:42:00 PDT 2004

Eric Anholt wrote:
Hi Eric,

thanks a lot for the new load of patches!

> AMD64:
> 1) kaffe-support-cpp-2.diff: Fixup for the commit to avoid undefined
> macro warnings for PROMOTE_* an NO_HOLES, because defined(MACRO) is true
> even if MACRO is 0.  Set the macros to 0 when they're unset rather than
> using defined().
> 2) kaffe-promote-holes.diff: Move PROMOTE_* / NO_HOLES to common.h
> instead of sysdepCallMethod.h (sysdepCallMethod isn't always included by
> common.h)

I've CC:ed Michael & Gwenole, so that they can give the patches you sent 
a spin on x86_64-linux as well.

> Warnings:
> 3) kaffe-stackTrace-proto.diff: kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c uses
> printStackTrace, so prototype it publically.
> 4) kaffe-support.h-replacechar.diff: it's defined only statically, so
> remove from public header
> 5) kaffe-verify3a.c.diff: Fixes some prototype-related warnings by
> including relevant headers.

Thanks, all checked in now.

> Cleanup:
> 6) kaffe-internalthreadsdefs.diff: USE_INTERNAL_THREADS appears to be
> unused, so gc it from config/

Nice catch! Checked in as well.

> With no patches or all but #2, I have 12/144 regression test failures.  
> With #2 thrown in the mix, I'm down to 4 errors and I can run my
> classes.  (no printf diffs were needed, since fixing arg passing means
> printf doesn't get absurd arguments on a regular basis).

That sounds quite good. What are the remaining failures you get?

keep up the good work,
dalibor topic

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