[kaffe] patch to check zlib return for OOM

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Sep 1 14:54:31 PDT 2004

jrandom wrote:

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>'lo all, here's another fix for a minor problem I ran into.  I keep
>an eye out for OOMs, but at the moment, some of the native zip code
>doesn't check for that.  I noticed this from my logs:
> java.lang.Error: insufficient memory
>    at java.util.zip.Deflater.init (Deflater.java)
>    at java.util.zip.Deflater.<init> (Deflater.java:46)
>    at java.util.zip.GZIPOutputStream.<init>
> [snip]
>Trivial fixes checking zlib's return values for OOMs as well as
>another check in Deflater.c (mirroring Inflater.c's handling)
>attached.  I couldn't find an explicit style guide ref for the
>construct used (declaring a variable within a condition of a switch
>block), so I just tried something that looked normal - change as
>necessary, of course.
Looks good to me, thanks. I've checked it in. Keep 'em coming ;)

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