[kaffe] make error on mips

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sat Sep 4 16:00:34 PDT 2004

程明 wrote:
> Hi, everyone. I configured using the following command:

Hi Cheng,

thank you for your bug report.

> KAFFEH=/home/chengming/w/kaffe-1.1.4/kaffeh CC=mipsel-linux-gcc
> CXX=mipsel-linux-g++ CXXCPP=mipsel-linux-cpp CFLAGS="-O2 -msoft-float
> -fno-gcse -mips2 -Wa,-mfixhua7,-mno-lwl" ./configure

Your CFLAGS look very weird to me. I've tried passing them to my 
mipsel-linux cross-compiler but it didn't like the -mfixhua7 option at all.

unrecognized option `-mfixhua7'. Could you elaborate on your CFLAGS 
setting, i.e. why you made the choices and what they are supposed to do?

> and the result seems ok. Then I make, the following error shows on the
> screen
> Any suggestions? thanks very much!

The error message says that the assembler code does not meet the 
constraints. The gcc manual has a through, though somewhat terse, 
description of the gcc assembler language. You could use that to verify 
if the constraints specified in the assembler code in question are 
actually violated in practice.

Are you, by chance, trying to build kaffe for PS2Linux?  You may want to 
  look into d0 and d2, as they are used as doubles, and add casts where 
appropriate. Or you could try using libffi.

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