[kaffe] [PATCH] fixing UDP receive timeout (makes mauve not hang on CVS head)

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Thu Sep 9 22:53:21 PDT 2004

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Hi Noa,

Hi Noa, Hi Dalibor,

> Noa Resare wrote:
>> For some reason beyond my understanding I decided that I should devote
>> some of my very few hacking cycles to kaffe. However, being sort of a
>> newbie in the JVM hacking business I didn't feel comfortable doing
>> anything before I could regression test any contributions. So I had a
>> look at mauve and got it to work with kaffe-1.1.4. kaffe from cvs HEAD
>> on the other hand hang on a java.net.DatagramSocket test.

Great ! :) Feel free to debug everything you see. ;)

> Wow, thanks a lot for fixing that one!It's been a long time bug that 
> noone got around to fix. Thanks again!
> Feel free to improve anything else you come across, your debut was very 
> good ;)
>> Issues:
>> - is poll() available on all relevant systems?
> I believe that it is available with pthreads.

Hmm... I'd prefer kaffe provide another implementation using select too. 
According to man-page, poll is conforming to XPG4-UNIX and I don't think 
it is linked to pthreads.

>> - should the socket be permanently non blocking?
> I've CC:ed Tim Stack[1] & Guilhem Lavaux on that one.

Socket should be blocking by default. It is necessary for the other 
syscalls. BTW, you may be interested by the jthread_set_blocking 
function (available for both jthreads and pthreads for external usage) 
which sets the blocking state of the fd (virtually for jthreads and 
natively for pthreads).


Guilhem Lavaux.

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