[kaffe] Sad story for my platform...

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Thu Sep 9 23:37:31 PDT 2004


Every friday afternoon, I set cron to get the latest from cvs, compile it on
several platforms. This friday could be special, because m68k/netbsd are
supposed to pass this automatic test.

But, this (Friday, JST) morning I noticed the IIci on which netbsd is now
running had no response ;-< Looks like some mother board problem. So, I
have to postpone this automatic test until I get replacement or I install
netbsd on Q700, sigh...

P.S. BTW, weekly snaps can be found at ricohgwy.ricoh.co.jp:/pub/Lang/Java/Kaffe.

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