[kaffe] PowerPC JIT3 - How to integrate

Michael Franz developer.franz at verizon.net
Tue Sep 14 19:16:53 PDT 2004

I have include a tar file with the new files.

Here is the change log entry.  I hope it is what you need.

config/powerpc/callmethod_ppc.h - direct copy from JanOSVM
config/powerpc/jit.h - copy from JanOSVM with CIF optimizations removed
config/powerpc/jit3-icode.h - copy from JanOSVM with 
HAVE_move_int_const & HAVE_move_ref_const removed
config/powerpc/jit3-powerpc.def - copy from JanOSVM with 
janosvm/nameSpace.h include removed and update LOUT macro usage to 
conform with current Kaffe implementation and removed CIF optimizations
config/powerpc/ppc_isa.defs - direct copy from JanOSVM
config/powerpc/ppc_isa.h - direct copy from JanOSVM
config/powerpc/ppc_macros.h - direct copy from JanOSVM
config/powerpc/ppc_stack_frame.h - direct copy from JanOSVM
config/powerpc/trampolines.c - direct copy from JanOSVM

config/powerpc/darwin/jit3-md.h - direct copy from JanOSVM

On Tuesday, September 14, 2004, at 12:19 PM, Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Michael Franz wrote:
>> I have attached the diff for funcs.h.  I will put together the new 
>> files next.
> Thanks a lot, checked in. Could you include a changelog with the new 
> files, that describes what changes you made wrt to the original 
> sources?
>> I have discussed this before, how do I get diff to do new files?  Or 
>> should I just put then in a tar file?
> If diff is too much trouble, then a tarball is ok, too.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic
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