[kaffe] need help in porting kaffe on arm

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Sep 27 16:32:11 PDT 2004

Kirankumar T wrote:
> hi i need to port kaffe to ARM926EJ-s
> i am trying to crosscompile  from 3 weeks and i found it is very difficult
>   can you kindly send a kaffe1.1.4 wich is cross compile to arm926EJ-S

I'm afraid I don't know what an ARM926EJ-s is, to begin with, so I'd 
have a hard time finding a toolchain to generate the binary ;)

1.1.4 had some problems wrt to cross-compilation, but I believe that 
current CVS should be OK in that respect. If you run into trouble, you 
could also ask your development kit's vendor whether they have ported 
kaffe to their platform already and kindly ask them to do so, I guess.

If all fails, there are still other free runtimes, like SableVM, 
available at www.sablevm.org or gcj.

Best of luck,
dalibor topic

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