[kaffe] Escaping the java trap

David Matthews dmatthews at mailc.net
Fri Apr 8 06:15:39 PDT 2005

Or at least trying to. 

My project did run on 1.1.4, using only the AWT toolkit, but its latest 
incarnations needs Swing-only features. 

Using 1.1.5, it compiles (with some warnings) using kaffes compiler(jikes?),  
but crashes with 
FATAL ERROR: No more room for local references, leaving an empty JFrame (no 
other widgets) on screen.

If I use the verbose switch, I see a lots of kaffe-bundled classes being 
loaded, the last one (in case this gives any indication) being  

Using the -ms switch does not seem to help.

Previous experience with earlier versions of Kaffe led me to expect 
substantial code tweaking would be required, but I'm not sure how to start 

Any ideas please?


dmatthews at mailc.net

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