[kaffe] Test failures 1.1.5 jthreads on hppa

Jeroen van Wolffelaar jeroen at wolffelaar.nl
Tue Apr 19 15:01:52 PDT 2005

test/regressions: make check-TESTS:

22 of 147 tests failed
Please report to kaffe at kaffe.org

--- BadFloatTest.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/clib/native/Float.c:85: toCharArrayWithPrecision: Assertion `eptr != ((void *)0)' failed.

--- BufferedReaderTest.fail ---
count = 8192
count = 8192
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Read-ahead limit is negative
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal buffer size: 0
java.io.IOException: Stream closed
java.io.IOException: Stream closed
java.io.IOException: Stream closed
java.io.IOException: Stream closed
java.io.IOException: Stream closed
java.io.IOException: Stream closed
java.io.IOException: Stream closed
java.io.IOException: Stream closed
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c:386: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' failed.

--- ClassGC.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c:386: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' failed.

--- DateFormatTest.fail ---
Same time zone
Different time zone
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c:386: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' failed.

--- DosTimeVerify.fail ---
timedate[2] is -111 expected 33
timedate[3] is 7 expected 8
int_timedate is 0x79163cf
expected     is 0x82163cf
int_timedate  1111 0010 0010 1100 0111 1001 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 28
   at java.lang.String.substring (String.java:515)
   at DosTimeVerify.main (DosTimeVerify.java:79)

--- DoubleComp.fail ---
Double tests:
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/clib/native/Double.c:70: toCharArrayWithPrecision: Assertion `eptr != ((void *)0)' failed.

--- DoubleConst.fail ---
Float tests:
POSITIVE_INTINITY expect 7f800000 got 41000000
NEGATIVE_INTINITY expect -800000 got 41000000
NaN expect 7fc00000 got 41000000
MIN_VALUE expect 1 got 41000000
MAX_VALUE expect 7f7fffff got 41000000
Double tests:
POSITIVE_INTINITY expect 7ff0000000000000 got 104fb068
NEGATIVE_INTINITY expect -10000000000000 got 104fb068
NaN expect 7ff8000000000000 got 104fb068
MIN_VALUE expect 1 got 104fb068
MAX_VALUE expect 7fefffffffffffff got 104fb068

--- DoubleCvt.fail ---
NaN: 104fb068
NaN as float: 41000000
NaN as int: 0 0
NaN as long: 0 0
MIN_VALUE: 7ff8000000000000
MIN_VALUE as float: 41000000
MIN_VALUE as int: 0 0
MIN_VALUE as long: 0 0
MAX_VALUE as float: 0
MAX_VALUE as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
MAX_VALUE as long: 9223372036854775807 7fffffffffffffff
POSITIVE_INFINITY: 7fefffffffffffff
POSITIVE_INFINITY as float: 7fc00000
POSITIVE_INFINITY as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
POSITIVE_INFINITY as long: 9223372036854775807 7fffffffffffffff
NEGATIVE_INFINITY: 7ff0000000000000
NEGATIVE_INFINITY as float: 7fc00000
NEGATIVE_INFINITY as int: -2147483648 -80000000
NEGATIVE_INFINITY as long: -9223372036854775808 -8000000000000000
-lnp(1): -10000000000000
-lnp(1) as float: 7fc00000
-lnp(1) as int: -1 -1
-lnp(1) as long: -1 -1
lnp(1): -4010000000000000
lnp(1) as float: -40100000
lnp(1) as int: 1 1
lnp(1) as long: 1 1
-lnp(2): 3ff0000000000000
-lnp(2) as float: 3ff00000
-lnp(2) as int: -3 -3
-lnp(2) as long: -3 -3
lnp(2): -3ff8000000000000
lnp(2) as float: -3ff80000
lnp(2) as int: 3 3
lnp(2) as long: 3 3
-lnp(3): 4008000000000000
-lnp(3) as float: 40080000
-lnp(3) as int: -7 -7
-lnp(3) as long: -7 -7
lnp(3): -3fe4000000000000
lnp(3) as float: -3fe40000
lnp(3) as int: 7 7
lnp(3) as long: 7 7
-lnp(4): 401c000000000000
-lnp(4) as float: 401c0000
-lnp(4) as int: -15 -f
-lnp(4) as long: -15 -f
lnp(4): -3fd2000000000000
lnp(4) as float: -3fd20000
lnp(4) as int: 15 f
lnp(4) as long: 15 f
-lnp(5): 402e000000000000
-lnp(5) as float: 402e0000
-lnp(5) as int: -31 -1f
-lnp(5) as long: -31 -1f
lnp(5): -3fc1000000000000
lnp(5) as float: -3fc10000
lnp(5) as int: 31 1f
lnp(5) as long: 31 1f
-lnp(6): 403f000000000000
-lnp(6) as float: 403f0000
-lnp(6) as int: -63 -3f
-lnp(6) as long: -63 -3f
lnp(6): -3fb0800000000000
lnp(6) as float: -3fb08000
lnp(6) as int: 63 3f
lnp(6) as long: 63 3f
-lnp(7): 404f800000000000
-lnp(7) as float: 404f8000
-lnp(7) as int: -127 -7f
-lnp(7) as long: -127 -7f
lnp(7): -3fa0400000000000
lnp(7) as float: -3fa04000
lnp(7) as int: 127 7f
lnp(7) as long: 127 7f
-lnp(8): 405fc00000000000
-lnp(8) as float: 405fc000
-lnp(8) as int: -255 -ff
-lnp(8) as long: -255 -ff
lnp(8): -3f90200000000000
lnp(8) as float: -3f902000
lnp(8) as int: 255 ff
lnp(8) as long: 255 ff
-lnp(9): 406fe00000000000
-lnp(9) as float: 406fe000
-lnp(9) as int: -511 -1ff
-lnp(9) as long: -511 -1ff
lnp(9): -3f80100000000000
lnp(9) as float: -3f801000
lnp(9) as int: 511 1ff
lnp(9) as long: 511 1ff
-lnp(10): 407ff00000000000
-lnp(10) as float: 407ff000
-lnp(10) as int: -1023 -3ff
-lnp(10) as long: -1023 -3ff
lnp(10): -3f70080000000000
lnp(10) as float: -3f700800
lnp(10) as int: 1023 3ff
lnp(10) as long: 1023 3ff
-lnp(11): 408ff80000000000
-lnp(11) as float: 408ff800
-lnp(11) as int: -2047 -7ff
-lnp(11) as long: -2047 -7ff
lnp(11): -3f60040000000000
lnp(11) as float: -3f600400
lnp(11) as int: 2047 7ff
lnp(11) as long: 2047 7ff
-lnp(12): 409ffc0000000000
-lnp(12) as float: 409ffc00
-lnp(12) as int: -4095 -fff
-lnp(12) as long: -4095 -fff
lnp(12): -3f50020000000000
lnp(12) as float: -3f500200
lnp(12) as int: 4095 fff
lnp(12) as long: 4095 fff
-lnp(13): 40affe0000000000
-lnp(13) as float: 40affe00
-lnp(13) as int: -8191 -1fff
-lnp(13) as long: -8191 -1fff
lnp(13): -3f40010000000000
lnp(13) as float: -3f400100
lnp(13) as int: 8191 1fff
lnp(13) as long: 8191 1fff
-lnp(14): 40bfff0000000000
-lnp(14) as float: 40bfff00
-lnp(14) as int: -16383 -3fff
-lnp(14) as long: -16383 -3fff
lnp(14): -3f30008000000000
lnp(14) as float: -3f300080
lnp(14) as int: 16383 3fff
lnp(14) as long: 16383 3fff
-lnp(15): 40cfff8000000000
-lnp(15) as float: 40cfff80
-lnp(15) as int: -32767 -7fff
-lnp(15) as long: -32767 -7fff
lnp(15): -3f20004000000000
lnp(15) as float: -3f200040
lnp(15) as int: 32767 7fff
lnp(15) as long: 32767 7fff
-lnp(16): 40dfffc000000000
-lnp(16) as float: 40dfffc0
-lnp(16) as int: -65535 -ffff
-lnp(16) as long: -65535 -ffff
lnp(16): -3f10002000000000
lnp(16) as float: -3f100020
lnp(16) as int: 65535 ffff
lnp(16) as long: 65535 ffff
-lnp(17): 40efffe000000000
-lnp(17) as float: 40efffe0
-lnp(17) as int: -131071 -1ffff
-lnp(17) as long: -131071 -1ffff
lnp(17): -3f00001000000000
lnp(17) as float: -3f000010
lnp(17) as int: 131071 1ffff
lnp(17) as long: 131071 1ffff
-lnp(18): 40fffff000000000
-lnp(18) as float: 40fffff0
-lnp(18) as int: -262143 -3ffff
-lnp(18) as long: -262143 -3ffff
lnp(18): -3ef0000800000000
lnp(18) as float: -3ef00008
lnp(18) as int: 262143 3ffff
lnp(18) as long: 262143 3ffff
-lnp(19): 410ffff800000000
-lnp(19) as float: 410ffff8
-lnp(19) as int: -524287 -7ffff
-lnp(19) as long: -524287 -7ffff
lnp(19): -3ee0000400000000
lnp(19) as float: -3ee00004
lnp(19) as int: 524287 7ffff
lnp(19) as long: 524287 7ffff
-lnp(20): 411ffffc00000000
-lnp(20) as float: 411ffffc
-lnp(20) as int: -1048575 -fffff
-lnp(20) as long: -1048575 -fffff
lnp(20): -3ed0000200000000
lnp(20) as float: -3ed00002
lnp(20) as int: 1048575 fffff
lnp(20) as long: 1048575 fffff
-lnp(21): 412ffffe00000000
-lnp(21) as float: 412ffffe
-lnp(21) as int: -2097151 -1fffff
-lnp(21) as long: -2097151 -1fffff
lnp(21): -3ec0000100000000
lnp(21) as float: -3ec00001
lnp(21) as int: 2097151 1fffff
lnp(21) as long: 2097151 1fffff
-lnp(22): 413fffff00000000
-lnp(22) as float: 413fffff
-lnp(22) as int: -4194303 -3fffff
-lnp(22) as long: -4194303 -3fffff
lnp(22): -3eb0000080000000
lnp(22) as float: -3eb00001
lnp(22) as int: 4194303 3fffff
lnp(22) as long: 4194303 3fffff
-lnp(23): 414fffff80000000
-lnp(23) as float: 414fffff
-lnp(23) as int: -8388607 -7fffff
-lnp(23) as long: -8388607 -7fffff
lnp(23): -3ea0000040000000
lnp(23) as float: -3ea00001
lnp(23) as int: 8388607 7fffff
lnp(23) as long: 8388607 7fffff
-lnp(24): 415fffffc0000000
-lnp(24) as float: 415fffff
-lnp(24) as int: -16777215 -ffffff
-lnp(24) as long: -16777215 -ffffff
lnp(24): -3e90000020000000
lnp(24) as float: -3e900001
lnp(24) as int: 16777215 ffffff
lnp(24) as long: 16777215 ffffff
-lnp(25): 416fffffe0000000
-lnp(25) as float: 416fffff
-lnp(25) as int: -33554431 -1ffffff
-lnp(25) as long: -33554431 -1ffffff
lnp(25): -3e80000010000000
lnp(25) as float: -3e800001
lnp(25) as int: 33554431 1ffffff
lnp(25) as long: 33554431 1ffffff
-lnp(26): 417ffffff0000000
-lnp(26) as float: 417fffff
-lnp(26) as int: -67108863 -3ffffff
-lnp(26) as long: -67108863 -3ffffff
lnp(26): -3e70000008000000
lnp(26) as float: -3e700001
lnp(26) as int: 67108863 3ffffff
lnp(26) as long: 67108863 3ffffff
-lnp(27): 418ffffff8000000
-lnp(27) as float: 418fffff
-lnp(27) as int: -134217727 -7ffffff
-lnp(27) as long: -134217727 -7ffffff
lnp(27): -3e60000004000000
lnp(27) as float: -3e600001
lnp(27) as int: 134217727 7ffffff
lnp(27) as long: 134217727 7ffffff
-lnp(28): 419ffffffc000000
-lnp(28) as float: 419fffff
-lnp(28) as int: -268435455 -fffffff
-lnp(28) as long: -268435455 -fffffff
lnp(28): -3e50000002000000
lnp(28) as float: -3e500001
lnp(28) as int: 268435455 fffffff
lnp(28) as long: 268435455 fffffff
-lnp(29): 41affffffe000000
-lnp(29) as float: 41afffff
-lnp(29) as int: -536870911 -1fffffff
-lnp(29) as long: -536870911 -1fffffff
lnp(29): -3e40000001000000
lnp(29) as float: -3e400001
lnp(29) as int: 536870911 1fffffff
lnp(29) as long: 536870911 1fffffff
-lnp(30): 41bfffffff000000
-lnp(30) as float: 41bfffff
-lnp(30) as int: -1073741823 -3fffffff
-lnp(30) as long: -1073741823 -3fffffff
lnp(30): -3e30000000800000
lnp(30) as float: -3e300001
lnp(30) as int: 1073741823 3fffffff
lnp(30) as long: 1073741823 3fffffff
-lnp(31): 41cfffffff800000
-lnp(31) as float: 41cfffff
-lnp(31) as int: -2147483647 -7fffffff
-lnp(31) as long: -2147483647 -7fffffff
lnp(31): -3e20000000400000
lnp(31) as float: -3e200001
lnp(31) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(31) as long: 2147483647 7fffffff
-lnp(32): 41dfffffffc00000
-lnp(32) as float: 41dfffff
-lnp(32) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(32) as long: -4294967295 -ffffffff
lnp(32): -3e10000000200000
lnp(32) as float: -3e100001
lnp(32) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(32) as long: 4294967295 ffffffff
-lnp(33): 41efffffffe00000
-lnp(33) as float: 41efffff
-lnp(33) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(33) as long: -8589934591 -1ffffffff
lnp(33): -3e00000000100000
lnp(33) as float: -3e000001
lnp(33) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(33) as long: 8589934591 1ffffffff
-lnp(34): 41fffffffff00000
-lnp(34) as float: 41ffffff
-lnp(34) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(34) as long: -17179869183 -3ffffffff
lnp(34): -3df0000000080000
lnp(34) as float: -3df00001
lnp(34) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(34) as long: 17179869183 3ffffffff
-lnp(35): 420ffffffff80000
-lnp(35) as float: 420fffff
-lnp(35) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(35) as long: -34359738367 -7ffffffff
lnp(35): -3de0000000040000
lnp(35) as float: -3de00001
lnp(35) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(35) as long: 34359738367 7ffffffff
-lnp(36): 421ffffffffc0000
-lnp(36) as float: 421fffff
-lnp(36) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(36) as long: -68719476735 -fffffffff
lnp(36): -3dd0000000020000
lnp(36) as float: -3dd00001
lnp(36) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(36) as long: 68719476735 fffffffff
-lnp(37): 422ffffffffe0000
-lnp(37) as float: 422fffff
-lnp(37) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(37) as long: -137438953471 -1fffffffff
lnp(37): -3dc0000000010000
lnp(37) as float: -3dc00001
lnp(37) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(37) as long: 137438953471 1fffffffff
-lnp(38): 423fffffffff0000
-lnp(38) as float: 423fffff
-lnp(38) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(38) as long: -274877906943 -3fffffffff
lnp(38): -3db0000000008000
lnp(38) as float: -3db00001
lnp(38) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(38) as long: 274877906943 3fffffffff
-lnp(39): 424fffffffff8000
-lnp(39) as float: 424fffff
-lnp(39) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(39) as long: -549755813887 -7fffffffff
lnp(39): -3da0000000004000
lnp(39) as float: -3da00001
lnp(39) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(39) as long: 549755813887 7fffffffff
-lnp(40): 425fffffffffc000
-lnp(40) as float: 425fffff
-lnp(40) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(40) as long: -1099511627775 -ffffffffff
lnp(40): -3d90000000002000
lnp(40) as float: -3d900001
lnp(40) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(40) as long: 1099511627775 ffffffffff
-lnp(41): 426fffffffffe000
-lnp(41) as float: 426fffff
-lnp(41) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(41) as long: -2199023255551 -1ffffffffff
lnp(41): -3d80000000001000
lnp(41) as float: -3d800001
lnp(41) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(41) as long: 2199023255551 1ffffffffff
-lnp(42): 427ffffffffff000
-lnp(42) as float: 427fffff
-lnp(42) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(42) as long: -4398046511103 -3ffffffffff
lnp(42): -3d70000000000800
lnp(42) as float: -3d700001
lnp(42) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(42) as long: 4398046511103 3ffffffffff
-lnp(43): 428ffffffffff800
-lnp(43) as float: 428fffff
-lnp(43) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(43) as long: -8796093022207 -7ffffffffff
lnp(43): -3d60000000000400
lnp(43) as float: -3d600001
lnp(43) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(43) as long: 8796093022207 7ffffffffff
-lnp(44): 429ffffffffffc00
-lnp(44) as float: 429fffff
-lnp(44) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(44) as long: -17592186044415 -fffffffffff
lnp(44): -3d50000000000200
lnp(44) as float: -3d500001
lnp(44) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(44) as long: 17592186044415 fffffffffff
-lnp(45): 42affffffffffe00
-lnp(45) as float: 42afffff
-lnp(45) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(45) as long: -35184372088831 -1fffffffffff
lnp(45): -3d40000000000100
lnp(45) as float: -3d400001
lnp(45) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(45) as long: 35184372088831 1fffffffffff
-lnp(46): 42bfffffffffff00
-lnp(46) as float: 42bfffff
-lnp(46) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(46) as long: -70368744177663 -3fffffffffff
lnp(46): -3d30000000000080
lnp(46) as float: -3d300001
lnp(46) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(46) as long: 70368744177663 3fffffffffff
-lnp(47): 42cfffffffffff80
-lnp(47) as float: 42cfffff
-lnp(47) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(47) as long: -140737488355327 -7fffffffffff
lnp(47): -3d20000000000040
lnp(47) as float: -3d200001
lnp(47) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(47) as long: 140737488355327 7fffffffffff
-lnp(48): 42dfffffffffffc0
-lnp(48) as float: 42dfffff
-lnp(48) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(48) as long: -281474976710655 -ffffffffffff
lnp(48): -3d10000000000020
lnp(48) as float: -3d100001
lnp(48) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(48) as long: 281474976710655 ffffffffffff
-lnp(49): 42efffffffffffe0
-lnp(49) as float: 42efffff
-lnp(49) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(49) as long: -562949953421311 -1ffffffffffff
lnp(49): -3d00000000000010
lnp(49) as float: -3d000001
lnp(49) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(49) as long: 562949953421311 1ffffffffffff
-lnp(50): 42fffffffffffff0
-lnp(50) as float: 42ffffff
-lnp(50) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(50) as long: -1125899906842623 -3ffffffffffff
lnp(50): -3cf0000000000008
lnp(50) as float: -3cf00001
lnp(50) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(50) as long: 1125899906842623 3ffffffffffff
-lnp(51): 430ffffffffffff8
-lnp(51) as float: 430fffff
-lnp(51) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(51) as long: -2251799813685247 -7ffffffffffff
lnp(51): -3ce0000000000004
lnp(51) as float: -3ce00001
lnp(51) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(51) as long: 2251799813685247 7ffffffffffff
-lnp(52): 431ffffffffffffc
-lnp(52) as float: 431fffff
-lnp(52) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(52) as long: -4503599627370495 -fffffffffffff
lnp(52): -3cd0000000000002
lnp(52) as float: -3cd00001
lnp(52) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(52) as long: 4503599627370495 fffffffffffff
-lnp(53): 432ffffffffffffe
-lnp(53) as float: 432fffff
-lnp(53) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(53) as long: -9007199254740991 -1fffffffffffff
lnp(53): -3cc0000000000001
lnp(53) as float: -3cc00001
lnp(53) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(53) as long: 9007199254740991 1fffffffffffff
-lnp(54): 433fffffffffffff
-lnp(54) as float: 433fffff
-lnp(54) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(54) as long: -18014398509481984 -40000000000000
lnp(54): -3cb0000000000000
lnp(54) as float: -3cb00000
lnp(54) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(54) as long: 18014398509481984 40000000000000
-lnp(55): 4350000000000000
-lnp(55) as float: 43500000
-lnp(55) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(55) as long: -36028797018963968 -80000000000000
lnp(55): -3ca0000000000000
lnp(55) as float: -3ca00000
lnp(55) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(55) as long: 36028797018963968 80000000000000
-lnp(56): 4360000000000000
-lnp(56) as float: 43600000
-lnp(56) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(56) as long: -72057594037927936 -100000000000000
lnp(56): -3c90000000000000
lnp(56) as float: -3c900000
lnp(56) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(56) as long: 72057594037927936 100000000000000
-lnp(57): 4370000000000000
-lnp(57) as float: 43700000
-lnp(57) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(57) as long: -144115188075855872 -200000000000000
lnp(57): -3c80000000000000
lnp(57) as float: -3c800000
lnp(57) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(57) as long: 144115188075855872 200000000000000
-lnp(58): 4380000000000000
-lnp(58) as float: 43800000
-lnp(58) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(58) as long: -288230376151711744 -400000000000000
lnp(58): -3c70000000000000
lnp(58) as float: -3c700000
lnp(58) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(58) as long: 288230376151711744 400000000000000
-lnp(59): 4390000000000000
-lnp(59) as float: 43900000
-lnp(59) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(59) as long: -576460752303423488 -800000000000000
lnp(59): -3c60000000000000
lnp(59) as float: -3c600000
lnp(59) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(59) as long: 576460752303423488 800000000000000
-lnp(60): 43a0000000000000
-lnp(60) as float: 43a00000
-lnp(60) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(60) as long: -1152921504606846976 -1000000000000000
lnp(60): -3c50000000000000
lnp(60) as float: -3c500000
lnp(60) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(60) as long: 1152921504606846976 1000000000000000
-lnp(61): 43b0000000000000
-lnp(61) as float: 43b00000
-lnp(61) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(61) as long: -2305843009213693952 -2000000000000000
lnp(61): -3c40000000000000
lnp(61) as float: -3c400000
lnp(61) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(61) as long: 2305843009213693952 2000000000000000
-lnp(62): 43c0000000000000
-lnp(62) as float: 43c00000
-lnp(62) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(62) as long: -4611686018427387904 -4000000000000000
lnp(62): -3c30000000000000
lnp(62) as float: -3c300000
lnp(62) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(62) as long: 4611686018427387904 4000000000000000
-lnp(63): 43d0000000000000
-lnp(63) as float: 43d00000
-lnp(63) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-lnp(63) as long: -9223372036854775808 -8000000000000000
lnp(63): -3c20000000000000
lnp(63) as float: -3c200000
lnp(63) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
lnp(63) as long: 9223372036854775807 7fffffffffffffff
-lnp(64): 43e0000000000000
-lnp(64) as float: 43e00000
-lnp(64) as int: 1 1
-lnp(64) as long: 1 1
lnp(64): 3ff0000000000000
lnp(64) as float: 3ff00000
lnp(64) as int: -1 -1
lnp(64) as long: -1 -1
NaN: -40100000
NaN as double: -4010000000000000
NaN as int: 0 0
NaN as long: 0 0
MIN_VALUE: 7fc00000
MIN_VALUE as double: -4010000000000000
MIN_VALUE as int: 0 0
MIN_VALUE as long: 0 0
MAX_VALUE as double: -4010000000000000
MAX_VALUE as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
MAX_VALUE as long: 9223372036854775807 7fffffffffffffff
POSITIVE_INFINITY as double: -4010000000000000
POSITIVE_INFINITY as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
POSITIVE_INFINITY as long: 9223372036854775807 7fffffffffffffff
NEGATIVE_INFINITY as double: -4010000000000000
NEGATIVE_INFINITY as int: -2147483648 -80000000
NEGATIVE_INFINITY as long: -9223372036854775808 -8000000000000000
-inp(1): -800000
-inp(1) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(1) as int: -1 -1
-inp(1) as long: -1 -1
inp(1): -40800000
inp(1) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(1) as int: 1 1
inp(1) as long: 1 1
-inp(2): 3f800000
-inp(2) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(2) as int: -3 -3
-inp(2) as long: -3 -3
inp(2): -3fc00000
inp(2) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(2) as int: 3 3
inp(2) as long: 3 3
-inp(3): 40400000
-inp(3) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(3) as int: -7 -7
-inp(3) as long: -7 -7
inp(3): -3f200000
inp(3) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(3) as int: 7 7
inp(3) as long: 7 7
-inp(4): 40e00000
-inp(4) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(4) as int: -15 -f
-inp(4) as long: -15 -f
inp(4): -3e900000
inp(4) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(4) as int: 15 f
inp(4) as long: 15 f
-inp(5): 41700000
-inp(5) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(5) as int: -31 -1f
-inp(5) as long: -31 -1f
inp(5): -3e080000
inp(5) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(5) as int: 31 1f
inp(5) as long: 31 1f
-inp(6): 41f80000
-inp(6) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(6) as int: -63 -3f
-inp(6) as long: -63 -3f
inp(6): -3d840000
inp(6) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(6) as int: 63 3f
inp(6) as long: 63 3f
-inp(7): 427c0000
-inp(7) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(7) as int: -127 -7f
-inp(7) as long: -127 -7f
inp(7): -3d020000
inp(7) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(7) as int: 127 7f
inp(7) as long: 127 7f
-inp(8): 42fe0000
-inp(8) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(8) as int: -255 -ff
-inp(8) as long: -255 -ff
inp(8): -3c810000
inp(8) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(8) as int: 255 ff
inp(8) as long: 255 ff
-inp(9): 437f0000
-inp(9) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(9) as int: -511 -1ff
-inp(9) as long: -511 -1ff
inp(9): -3c008000
inp(9) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(9) as int: 511 1ff
inp(9) as long: 511 1ff
-inp(10): 43ff8000
-inp(10) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(10) as int: -1023 -3ff
-inp(10) as long: -1023 -3ff
inp(10): -3b804000
inp(10) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(10) as int: 1023 3ff
inp(10) as long: 1023 3ff
-inp(11): 447fc000
-inp(11) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(11) as int: -2047 -7ff
-inp(11) as long: -2047 -7ff
inp(11): -3b002000
inp(11) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(11) as int: 2047 7ff
inp(11) as long: 2047 7ff
-inp(12): 44ffe000
-inp(12) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(12) as int: -4095 -fff
-inp(12) as long: -4095 -fff
inp(12): -3a801000
inp(12) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(12) as int: 4095 fff
inp(12) as long: 4095 fff
-inp(13): 457ff000
-inp(13) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(13) as int: -8191 -1fff
-inp(13) as long: -8191 -1fff
inp(13): -3a000800
inp(13) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(13) as int: 8191 1fff
inp(13) as long: 8191 1fff
-inp(14): 45fff800
-inp(14) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(14) as int: -16383 -3fff
-inp(14) as long: -16383 -3fff
inp(14): -39800400
inp(14) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(14) as int: 16383 3fff
inp(14) as long: 16383 3fff
-inp(15): 467ffc00
-inp(15) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(15) as int: -32767 -7fff
-inp(15) as long: -32767 -7fff
inp(15): -39000200
inp(15) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(15) as int: 32767 7fff
inp(15) as long: 32767 7fff
-inp(16): 46fffe00
-inp(16) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(16) as int: -65535 -ffff
-inp(16) as long: -65535 -ffff
inp(16): -38800100
inp(16) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(16) as int: 65535 ffff
inp(16) as long: 65535 ffff
-inp(17): 477fff00
-inp(17) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(17) as int: -131071 -1ffff
-inp(17) as long: -131071 -1ffff
inp(17): -38000080
inp(17) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(17) as int: 131071 1ffff
inp(17) as long: 131071 1ffff
-inp(18): 47ffff80
-inp(18) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(18) as int: -262143 -3ffff
-inp(18) as long: -262143 -3ffff
inp(18): -37800040
inp(18) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(18) as int: 262143 3ffff
inp(18) as long: 262143 3ffff
-inp(19): 487fffc0
-inp(19) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(19) as int: -524287 -7ffff
-inp(19) as long: -524287 -7ffff
inp(19): -37000020
inp(19) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(19) as int: 524287 7ffff
inp(19) as long: 524287 7ffff
-inp(20): 48ffffe0
-inp(20) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(20) as int: -1048575 -fffff
-inp(20) as long: -1048575 -fffff
inp(20): -36800010
inp(20) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(20) as int: 1048575 fffff
inp(20) as long: 1048575 fffff
-inp(21): 497ffff0
-inp(21) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(21) as int: -2097151 -1fffff
-inp(21) as long: -2097151 -1fffff
inp(21): -36000008
inp(21) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(21) as int: 2097151 1fffff
inp(21) as long: 2097151 1fffff
-inp(22): 49fffff8
-inp(22) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(22) as int: -4194303 -3fffff
-inp(22) as long: -4194303 -3fffff
inp(22): -35800004
inp(22) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(22) as int: 4194303 3fffff
inp(22) as long: 4194303 3fffff
-inp(23): 4a7ffffc
-inp(23) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(23) as int: -8388607 -7fffff
-inp(23) as long: -8388607 -7fffff
inp(23): -35000002
inp(23) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(23) as int: 8388607 7fffff
inp(23) as long: 8388607 7fffff
-inp(24): 4afffffe
-inp(24) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(24) as int: -16777215 -ffffff
-inp(24) as long: -16777215 -ffffff
inp(24): -34800001
inp(24) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(24) as int: 16777215 ffffff
inp(24) as long: 16777215 ffffff
-inp(25): 4b7fffff
-inp(25) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(25) as int: -33554432 -2000000
-inp(25) as long: -33554432 -2000000
inp(25): -34000000
inp(25) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(25) as int: 33554432 2000000
inp(25) as long: 33554432 2000000
-inp(26): 4c000000
-inp(26) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(26) as int: -67108864 -4000000
-inp(26) as long: -67108864 -4000000
inp(26): -33800000
inp(26) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(26) as int: 67108864 4000000
inp(26) as long: 67108864 4000000
-inp(27): 4c800000
-inp(27) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(27) as int: -134217728 -8000000
-inp(27) as long: -134217728 -8000000
inp(27): -33000000
inp(27) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(27) as int: 134217728 8000000
inp(27) as long: 134217728 8000000
-inp(28): 4d000000
-inp(28) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(28) as int: -268435456 -10000000
-inp(28) as long: -268435456 -10000000
inp(28): -32800000
inp(28) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(28) as int: 268435456 10000000
inp(28) as long: 268435456 10000000
-inp(29): 4d800000
-inp(29) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(29) as int: -536870912 -20000000
-inp(29) as long: -536870912 -20000000
inp(29): -32000000
inp(29) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(29) as int: 536870912 20000000
inp(29) as long: 536870912 20000000
-inp(30): 4e000000
-inp(30) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(30) as int: -1073741824 -40000000
-inp(30) as long: -1073741824 -40000000
inp(30): -31800000
inp(30) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(30) as int: 1073741824 40000000
inp(30) as long: 1073741824 40000000
-inp(31): 4e800000
-inp(31) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(31) as int: -2147483648 -80000000
-inp(31) as long: -2147483648 -80000000
inp(31): -31000000
inp(31) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(31) as int: 2147483647 7fffffff
inp(31) as long: 2147483648 80000000
-inp(32): 4f000000
-inp(32) as double: -4010000000000000
-inp(32) as int: 1 1
-inp(32) as long: 1 1
inp(32): 3f800000
inp(32) as double: -4010000000000000
inp(32) as int: -1 -1
inp(32) as long: -1 -1

--- DoubleNeg.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/clib/native/Double.c:70: toCharArrayWithPrecision: Assertion `eptr != ((void *)0)' failed.

--- DoublePrint.fail ---
Double values:
  NaN -> 104fb068
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/clib/native/Double.c:70: toCharArrayWithPrecision: Assertion `eptr != ((void *)0)' failed.

--- FPUStack.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/clib/native/Double.c:70: toCharArrayWithPrecision: Assertion `eptr != ((void *)0)' failed.

--- GCTest.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c:386: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' failed.

--- InternHog.fail ---
Timeout - 300 seconds - killed

--- IntfTest.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c:386: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' failed.

--- RefTest.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c:386: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' failed.

--- SortTest.fail ---
java.lang.Error: assertion failure
   at SortTest.check (SortTest.java:128)
   at SortTest.main (SortTest.java:57)

--- TestClassRef.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c:386: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' failed.

--- TestMessageFormat.fail ---
This is great
This is bad
This is unknown (1.¼)
1.X 1.@

--- TestSerialFields.fail ---
Generating canonical stream
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0001
    put x: int=42 
    put y: int=42 
    OK: 132 bytes
  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    OK. Got: TestSerialFields$Test0016: 42,42
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0016
    OK: 63 bytes

  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    OK. Got: TestSerialFields$Test0015: 0,0
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0015
    OK: 108 bytes

  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0014
    Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    OK. Got: TestSerialFields$Test0012: 42,42
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0012
    OK: 63 bytes

  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    OK. Got: TestSerialFields$Test0011 instance
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0011
    Exception: java.io.NotActiveException

  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    x: int=42
    y: int=42
    xodd: (defaulted) Object=null
    yodd: (defaulted) Object=null
    OK. Got: TestSerialFields$Test0010 instance
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0010
    put xodd: string='putfield test string' 
    put yodd: string='putfield test string' 
    OK: 133 bytes

  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    x: int=42
    y: int=42
    OK. Got: TestSerialFields$Test0008 instance
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0008
    put x: int=42 
    put y: int=42 
    OK: 63 bytes

  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    x: int=42
    y: int=42
    OK. Got: TestSerialFields$Test0005 instance
  Serializing TestSerialFields$Test0005
    OK: 47 bytes

  Deserializing from Test0001 stream...
    x: int=42
    y: int=42
    xd: (defaulted)lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/clib/native/Double.c:70: toCharArrayWithPrecision: Assertion `eptr != ((void *)0)' failed.

--- finalexc.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c:386: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' failed.

--- finaltest.fail ---
lt-kaffe-bin: /home/jeroen/kaffe/kaffe-1.1.5/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/clib/native/Double.c:70: toCharArrayWithPrecision: Assertion `eptr != ((void *)0)' failed.

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