[kaffe] Re: NetworkInterface problem

Ito Kazumitsu kaz at maczuka.gcd.org
Mon Apr 25 09:53:59 PDT 2005

From: Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org>
Subject: Re: [kaffe] Re: NetworkInterface problem
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 00:32:35 +0200

> >   (a) To modify java.net.NetworkInterface so that getByName or
> >       getByInetAddress calls getNetworkInterfaces() as before.

> I'd say let's do a) as it is simpler & faster. We need to push the 
> condensing code upstream into classpath anyway for IPv6 support, I think.
> Could you write a patch?

Sure.  I have commited a patch.  I think I will report this problem
to GNU Classpath later.

> p.s. I hope the recent iconv changes work for you on freebsd. Riccardo 
> seems to be having some problems, we're debugging them on IRC.

Yes, gnu.java.nio.charset.iconv.IconvProvider is working fine.

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