[kaffe] CVS kaffe (robilad): Updated to gettext 0.14.4

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Tue Apr 26 14:27:01 PDT 2005

PatchSet 6424 
Date: 2005/04/26 21:21:49
Author: robilad
Branch: HEAD
Tag: (none) 
Updated to gettext 0.14.4

2005-04-26  Dalibor Topic  <robilad at kaffe.org>

        * developers/autogen.sh,
        FAQ/FAQ.automake: Updated to use gettext 0.14.4.


Index: kaffe/ChangeLog
diff -u kaffe/ChangeLog:1.3952 kaffe/ChangeLog:1.3953
--- kaffe/ChangeLog:1.3952	Tue Apr 26 12:22:08 2005
+++ kaffe/ChangeLog	Tue Apr 26 21:21:49 2005
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2005-04-26  Dalibor Topic  <robilad at kaffe.org>
+	* developers/autogen.sh,
+	FAQ/FAQ.automake: Updated to use gettext 0.14.4.
 2005-04-26  Guilhem Lavaux  <guilhem at kaffe.org>
 	* config/config-hacks.h: Added some alias definition for fdlibm.
Checking out kaffe/FAQ/FAQ.automake
RCS:  /home/cvs/kaffe/kaffe/FAQ/FAQ.automake,v
VERS: 1.38
--- /dev/null	Sun Aug  4 19:57:58 2002
+++ kaffe/FAQ/FAQ.automake	Tue Apr 26 21:27:01 2005
@@ -0,0 +1,65 @@
+- in order to modify the Makefiles and configure.in, you need rather
+recent versions of autoconf and automake: autoconf 2.59 and automake
+- in order to rebuild Makefile.in files and the configure script 
+please run the developers/autogen.sh script in the top level directory.
+Beside the above versions of autoconf and automake, you'll need libtool 
+1.5.14 and gettext 0.14.4.
+Kaffe has adopted GNU automake to ease the maintenance of Makefiles.
+Changes were mostly straightforward, and nothing really important has
+changed in the build environment.  I could list a few changes here:
+- EXTRA_CFLAGS is no longer used; you can now use AM_CFLAGS and
+AM_CPPFLAGS.  Prefer the latter for preprocessor definitions such as
+- using automake means editing Makefile.am instead of Makefile.in, and
+that it will take care of rebuilding autoconf/automake-related files
+whenever they become out-of-date, but only if you
+--enable-maintainer-mode at configure time.  If not, you'll have to
+run "aclocal; automake; autoconf; autoheader -l config" (or just
+developers/autogen.sh) manually in the top-level source directory.
+- you also have to specify which files should go in a distribution
+(make dist): they should either be listed as sources to some binary or
+library or be listed in the EXTRA_DIST variable.  In order to avoid
+missing some file, you should run `make distcheck' instead of just
+`make dist'.  distcheck runs make dist, builds the dist tree and runs
+make check on it.
+- since automake 1.4 doesn't accept sources from other directories, I
+have created some makefiles in subdirectories such as jit, intrp and
+system/unix-*.  A special kind of temporary library, called libtool
+convenience library, is created to hold files from each of these
+directories, and then the convenience library is included in
+libkaffevm.  In other cases, such as gc-mem.c, I have preferred to
+just create a gc-mem.c forwarder (a file that #includes mem/gc-mem.c)
+within kaffe/kaffevm.  If we later decide that it was not a good idea,
+it is very easy to create a Makefile.am within kaffevm/mem and create
+a convenience library there.
+- `make depend' is now implicit, but it only works with gcc and GNU
+make.  A distribution file with portable makefiles should be created
+with `make dist'
+- `make test' is now called `make check', which is much more standard
+- I added a new flag, --with-staticvm, to make only the VM library
+static.  --with-includes and --with-libraries were also introduced, to
+allow the user to specify a list of directories to search for
+include-files and libraries.
+- you may miss one or other make target that I may have eliminated
+from the Makefiles, for example, recursive `make classes' and `make
+derived-files'.  It should be straightforward to re-create them within
+Makefile.am's, but I'd prefer to avoid these, and create actual
+dependencies to ensure that derived files are re-created as needed.
Checking out kaffe/developers/autogen.sh
RCS:  /home/cvs/kaffe/kaffe/developers/autogen.sh,v
VERS: 1.56
--- /dev/null	Sun Aug  4 19:57:58 2002
+++ kaffe/developers/autogen.sh	Tue Apr 26 21:27:01 2005
@@ -0,0 +1,140 @@
+#! /bin/sh
+set -e
+# This script runs all of the various auto* programs in the correct order.
+# You should run this from the top-level directory.
+# Written by Mo DeJong.
+export LC_ALL=C
+# Check for versions of various tools to use when regenerating 
+# Makefiles and configure scripts - if you want to use different
+# versions, use --override.  The purpose of these checks is to just
+# make sure that people are using consistent versions of tools
+# when checking into CVS so we have predictable regression.
+if [ "$1" != "--override" ]; then
+ACLOCAL_VERS=`aclocal --version | 
+	sed -n 's,^aclocal (GNU automake) \(.*\)$,\1,p'`
+	echo "Missing or wrong version for aclocal (from automake)."
+	echo "We want automake $WANTED_AUTOMAKE_VERS"
+	if [ -n "$ACLOCAL_VERS" ]; then
+		echo "We found aclocal from automake $ACLOCAL_VERS"
+	fi
+	exit 1
+AUTOHEADER_VERS=`autoheader --version | 
+	sed -n 's,^autoheader (GNU Autoconf) \(.*\)$,\1,p'`
+	echo "Missing or wrong version for autoheader (from autoconf)."
+	echo "We want autoconf $WANTED_AUTOCONF_VERS"
+	if [ -n "$AUTOHEADER_VERS" ]; then
+		echo "We found autoheader from autoconf $AUTOHEADER_VERS"
+	fi
+	exit 1
+AUTOMAKE_VERS=`automake --version | 
+	sed -n 's,^automake (GNU automake) \(.*\)$,\1,p'`
+	echo "Missing or wrong version for automake."
+	echo "We want automake $WANTED_AUTOMAKE_VERS"
+	if [ -n "$AUTOMAKE_VERS" ]; then
+		echo "We found automake $AUTOMAKE_VERS"
+	fi
+	exit 1
+AUTOCONF_VERS=`autoconf --version | 
+	sed -n 's,^autoconf (GNU Autoconf) \(.*\)$,\1,p'`
+	echo "Missing or wrong version for autoconf."
+	echo "We want autoconf $WANTED_AUTOCONF_VERS"
+	if [ -n "$AUTOCONF_VERS" ]; then
+		echo "We found autoconf $AUTOCONF_VERS"
+	fi
+	exit 1
+LIBTOOLIZE_VERS=`libtoolize --version | 
+	sed -n 's,^libtoolize (GNU libtool) \(.*\)$,\1,p'`
+	echo "Missing or wrong version for libtoolize (from libtool)."
+	echo "We want libtool $WANTED_LIBTOOL_VERS"
+	if [ -n "$LIBTOOLIZE_VERS" ]; then
+		echo "We found libtoolize from libtool $LIBTOOLIZE_VERS"
+	fi
+	exit 1
+AUTOPOINT_VERS=`gettext --version |
+        sed -n 's,^gettext (GNU gettext-runtime) \(.*\)$,\1,p'`
+        echo "Missing or wrong version for autopoint (from gettext)."
+        echo "We want autopoint $WANTED_AUTOPOINT_VERS"
+        if [ -n "$AUTOPOINT_VERS" ]; then
+                echo "We found autopoint from gettext $AUTOPOINT_VERS"
+        fi
+        exit 1
+( cd libraries/javalib && ../../developers/update-class-list )
+# Delete old files to make sure we regenerate things
+# automake things
+rm -f depcomp missing config.guess config.sub install-sh
+# libtool things
+rm -f aclocal.m4 ltmain.sh libtool.m4 ltconfig
+ cd libltdl
+ rm -f acinclude.m4 config-h.in configure.ac install-sh
+ rm -f ltmain.sh missing aclocal.m4 config.sub COPYING.LIB
+ rm -f ltdl.c Makefile.am mkinstalldirs config.guess configure
+ rm -f ltdl.h Makefile.in README
+# autoconf things
+rm -f aclocal.m4 configure
+rm -f config/config.h.in
+find . -type f -name 'Makefile.in' | xargs rm -f
+# Now regenerate autotools
+libtoolize --automake --ltdl --copy --force
+patch -p0 < developers/patch-libtool-quote-sys_search_path.diff
+patch -p0 < developers/patch-libtool-openbsd33.diff
+cp libltdl/acinclude.m4 m4/libtool.m4
+# gettextize kaffe
+# commented out due to bugs in gettextize
+##gettextize -c -f --intl
+autopoint -f
+aclocal -I m4
+autoheader -Wall
+automake --add-missing --force-missing --copy -Wall || true  # ignore warnings
+autoconf -Wall
+ cd libltdl
+ # Need to regenerate things because patching 	 
+ # screws up timestamps 	 
+ autoreconf -i -Wall
+ touch config-h.in
+  cd kaffe/kaffevm/boehm-gc/boehm
+  autoreconf -i -Wall

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