[kaffe] compile error when compile the kaffe-0.4

toodulli at netian.com toodulli at netian.com
Wed Apr 27 05:32:48 PDT 2005

I compiled the kaffe-0.4 for study.
I search the kaffe-0.4 in history download.
when I compiled, found error messages.
gcc -DINTERPRETER -g -O -I, -I, -I./intrp -I./../config -c -fPIC baseClasses.c
baseClasses.c: In function 'makeStringObject':
baseClasses.c: 158: incompatible types in assignment
gcc -DINTERPRETER -g -O -I, -I, -I./intrp -I./../config -c -fPIC ./intrp/machine.c
baseClasses.c: In function 'virtualMachine':
baseClasses.c: 165: incompatible types in assignment
If this kaffe version be able to compile, somebody to help me...^^*
kaffe-0.4 version

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