[kaffe] VxWorks / Transvirtual

Andreas Fenkart andreas.fenkart at nexus-ag.com
Wed Aug 3 01:33:02 PDT 2005

Hi list

I'm looking for a jvm for VxWorks. Somehow the kaffe configure script
bombs, probably due VxWorks binaries not being runnable.... Yes I seen
that thread on the list.

I heard there is a commercial product from transvirtual, because I'm
spoilt and like to be spoon fed, this seems a good option to me. The
problem is that I was not able to find the homepage from transvirtual..
can someone give hint.


Andreas Fenkart, Nexus Telecom AG
Software Engineer
Muertschenstrasse 27, CH-8048 Zuerich
Fon: +41 76 355 66 54 e-mail: andreas.fenkart at nexus-ag.com

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