[kaffe] various kaffeh bugfixes

Kurt Miller truk at optonline.net
Mon Aug 8 06:48:58 PDT 2005

From: "Kurt Miller" <truk at optonline.net>
> This patch makes the following changes:
> - adds constant suffixes to constant values (L, LL, f)
> - changes CONSTANT_Long to print in decimal instead of hex
> - fixes CONSTANT_Double on little endian and lp64 arches
> - allows private static final constants to be output
> - outputs #undef before any constant #define to fix cases
>  where multiple defines are output with same name
> I've tested this on OpenBSD/i386/macppc/sparc64. The
> changes make the output of kaffeh much closer to javah.
> Please review and commit if ok.

I was wondering if anyone has looked at this patch yet?


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