[kaffe] File order bug - Testcase

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Wed Aug 10 07:42:36 PDT 2005

Wolfgang Baer wrote:
> Ito Kazumitsu wrote:
>>From: Wolfgang Baer <WBaer at gmx.de>
>>Subject: Re: [kaffe] File order bug - Testcase
>>Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 09:31:57 +0200
>>>yes the API does not specify an order. However, as the unit testcases
>>>of logkit show, some programs depend on the SUN behaviour.
>>>This is why I found this "bug" and I think kaffe should follow what Sun
>>>does (and the other gnu classpath vms).
>>OK, how about this?
>>--- libraries/clib/io/File.c.orig	Sun Dec 26 14:52:34 2004
>>+++ libraries/clib/io/File.c	Wed Aug 10 17:40:36 2005
> [...]
> Tested on Debian/unstable x86 - works fine and solves the "ordering bug"
> Also the testcase of logkit passes now on kaffe.

Thanks, Wolfgang & Ito. When Ito checks his patch in, I'll prepare a new 
tarball for debian experimental. I've received a few more warning fixes 
from Andreas, and want to look into the alpha kaffeh issue exposed by 
the experimental buildd.

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