[kaffe] Problem to generate kaffe binary with ecos on arm7 processor

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Aug 17 08:30:30 PDT 2005

daniel at fh-konstanz.de wrote:
> Hello list!

Hi Daniel,

> I want to port kaffe-1.1.5 on an embedded os called "eCos". As hardware platform
> i use an arm 7 processor. Before configuring the kaffe-1.1.5 source code, i have
> built an ecos library with the "arm-elf-gcc" cross compiler version 3.3.

> The 'configure' script wis ok, but when i try to do 'gmake' after configuring, i
> get some errors like this:

The errors are due to undeclared types. If ecos defines the types,
contants and macros referred in the source code somewhere, then you need
to include the appropriate header files in the kaffe source files where
the compilation fails.

If ecos does not define such types, then you can either try to disable
the functionality, find equivalent substitutes in ecos system library,
or use a pthread library available for ecos.

when include files that do not exist on ecos are included
unconditionally, you'll have to add guards for the include statements
(i.e #ifdef HAVE_SOME_INCLUDE_H ... #endif).

Now, in your specific case ... looking at signal.c from 1.1.5, I assume
the line in question is

 static void nullException(SIGNAL_ARGS(sig, sc));

So I guess the compiler barfs on the lack of a SIGNAL_ARGS definiton
somewhere. I assume you have written your own native bits and pieces for
config/arm/ecos files? In that case you have to simply supply
SIGNAL_ARGS in the respective md.h file.

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