[kaffe] xargs -i

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Aug 23 19:17:04 PDT 2005

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Ito Kazumitsu wrote:
>>The following line Makefile.am causes error on FreeBSD.
>>        echo KAFFELIBRARYPATH=\$${KAFFELIBRARYPATH+\"\$$KAFFELIBRARYPATH\"\''$(PATHSEP)'\'}`for f in $(JAVA_LIBS); do echo "$$f" | sed 's%/[^/]*$$%%' | xargs -n 1 -iXXX echo XXX"/.libs"; done | (tr '\012' ' '; echo) | sed -e 's/ $$//' -e "s/ /\'$(PATHSEP)\'/g"`\; export KAFFELIBRARYPATH >> BUILD_ENVIRONMENT.new; \
>>xargs -i is specific to GNU version of xargs, and FreeBSD's xargs
>>does not accept that option.  I had to install GNU's findutils-4.2.23
>>to make all the tests pass.
> I am sorry about that, I already received a patch to fix that using the
> apparently more standard -I option.
> I've thought about avoiding such bugs in the future, and I think instead
> of using a scriptlet, maybe manually listing all the native libraries
> necessary to run the test suite in the KAFFELIBRARYPATH variable is a
> better choice. I'll try that and check it in if it works for me.

I've checked in that fix now. Thanks again for reporting it so quickly, 
and sorry for the inconvenience.

dalibor topic

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