[kaffe] jikes related problems for the SNAP

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Fri Dec 9 19:38:24 PST 2005

For the latest snap (051208), I got two problems with jikes.

1) '--with-jikes' option of configure script got slightly different
  semantic. Until recently, the option can get parameter for the path
  of jikes, but this snap did not pass parameter for this option to
  sub configure. This makes detection of jikes fail in configuring

  In main configure, log says
     checking for jikes... no
     checking whether to use jikes... yes (/home/inaba/bin/jikes +Pno-switchcheck +Pno-shadow +E)
     checking which java compiler... /home/inaba/bin/jikes +Pno-switchcheck +Pno-shadow +E

  but in classpath configure, log says
      checking for gcj... no
      checking for jikes... no
      checking for kJC... no
      checking for gcjx... no
      checking for ecj... no
      configure: cannot find javac, try --with-gcj, --with-jikes, --with-kjc, or --with-gcjx

  and failed for the configure and build.

  The reason for this error is, when invoking sub configure, it passed two
  --with-jikes options and the former are with parameter (path for jikes)
  but the later does not have parameter.

  Do we change not to allow specifying path for jikes from now on, or is
  it just a bug?

2) With older version of jikes (1.19) the option 'no-shadow' is not a
   valid option, and invocation of jikes failed with this SNAP. I hand
   edit Makefiles (and TestScript) and got proper result.

   Checking the version of jikes while configure and set proper
   pedantic warning corresponding to the version of jikes should be
   very appreciated.


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