[kaffe] RefTest.java failure on m68k

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Fri Dec 9 19:43:46 PST 2005


Since I got both m68k/netbsd and m68k/linux working, I restarted to
reduce the number of failure in regression test.

First test failed for both netbsd and linux is 'RefTest.java', and
I noticed it is very simple why it fails.

In the source we have
   Watchdog dog = new Watchdog(10000);
and changing the number to 1000000 (wow!) makes this test is passed
by both m68k/netbsd and m68k/linux.

So, my question, where this magic number come from? Is it ok to increase
for slower machine like m68k? Or in long run, aren't there any better
way to set these performance specific parameters depends on the machine


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