[kaffe] I'm new to Kaffe need HELP!

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sat Dec 10 21:39:24 PST 2005

NetGeek NetGeek wrote:
> Hi guys,
>               I'm new to the kaffe world, I would love to contribute 
> towardds the development of the kaffe Virtual machine. I have been 
> trying to snak peek into the kaffe source, Can anyone tell me what files 
> are actually reponsible to convert the kaffe generated bytecodes to 
> native code and execute them, As I'm trying to target kaffe for a 
> certain processor.

Check out http://www.cse.msu.edu/~korenson/kaffe.html for a tour of the 
sources. And 
http://wiki.cs.uiuc.edu/cs427/Kaffe+Architecture+Project+Site, of course.

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