[kaffe] kaffe, ARM, pthreads

MADHUSUDAN g.madhusudan at recipio.net
Fri Dec 23 07:57:50 PST 2005


I am trying to run Kaffe (a recent version) on an ARM board (Compulab SB
X255) running Debian Sarge.
I tried both 1.1.5 and 1.1.6 with pthreads and neither one works.
(I noticed that others on the mailing list have mentioned this problem
as well).
Kaffee with java threads seems to work fine.

The main reason that I need pthreads was RXTX.

So now I am wondering if I am better off trying to make RXTX work with
jthreads or wait for Kafee with pthreads(even try to contribute to
making this happen).

Now my question is two fold:
are there likely to be many standard/popular java packages that need
Are there good reasons to prefering pthreads over jthreads (in the
context of a single CPU ARM board)?


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