[kaffe] Re: many regressions failures on darwin6

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sun Feb 6 20:29:33 PST 2005

Riccardo <zuse <at> libero.it> writes:

> Hello,
> a new build on darwin6 shows many regression failures, namely 18:
> ArrayForName.fail                       MethodErrors.fail
> BufferedReaderTest.fail                 NullInvoke.fail
> CharArrayReaderTest.fail                ProcessClassTest.fail
> DateFormatTest.fail                     StackDump.fail
> ExceptionInInitializerTest.fail         TestSerialFields.fail
> GCTest.fail                             ThreadLocalTest.fail
> LineNumberReaderTest.fail               UDPTest.fail
> LostFrame.fail                          WaitTest.fail
> MapTest.fail                            ttest.fail

Guilhem fixed most of them today, according to Michael's Tinderbox. Great! 

Thanks to Riccardo and Michael for reporting it, and to Guilhem for fixing the

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