[kaffe] Patch against Kaffe 1.1.4.

Antonio Tringali antonio.tringali at aliceposta.it
Tue Feb 15 03:16:08 PST 2005

 Hi there,
this is my first patch against Kaffe. Be nice to me!

 The problem I have encountered is regarding an embedded Linux box
running a modified Linux 2.4.18 kernel; the board uses a MIPS-II level
processor (IDT 79RC355).

 The interpreter issues a SIGILL when encountering an F2I JVM opcode;
the problem goes away if in function soft_cvtfi() (file
kaffe/kaffevm/soft.c) the tests at the end of the function are not
between a float and a double, but between floats.
 Even the jitter fails, but I don't know if I'll ever look into the
problem: the board is already slow enough.

 I don't know why this happens. Maybe the Algorithmic FPU emulator is
getting confused? Same tests in a throw-away program never fail on the

 Perhaps you have a better way to clean-up the code; I'm sending to you
in the hope that it can be helpful.

 Have a nice day and thank you for Kaffe.

Antonio Tringali from Italy

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