[kaffe] Re: support for JDk 1.2 and higher?

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Wed Feb 16 12:50:29 PST 2005

In <7214.1108570593 at www45.gmx.net> mariner ux wrote:
> Hi there, 
> I need a JVM on HP-UX 10.20 which support's JDK 1.2 and higher. I 
> thought I could try it with kaffe, so I installed it.
> First the installation failed  of corse there where no Gnu MP.
> So i tried configure with the option:
> CC=gcc ./configure --prefix=/opt/kaffe --enable-pure-java-math
> Kaffe installed sucessfully. I tried to compile the source code of my
> application I worte.
> But there I have still Problems...
> Does the current version, which I installed, support JDk 1.2 and 
> higher? If Yes what could be the Problems for this Errors:

did you check if what you compiled actually works? run "make check"

what version of kaffe are you using?

The current CVS version compiles  but fails several regression tests, as 
you can see in my last report posted here a few minutes ago.
Also note that currently you need jikes with the current CVS as kjc is 
no longer included.
Also note that I fail to compile due to out-of-memory on my hp-ux 10.20 
box using jikes. I Have 96Mb of ram and evidently too little swap space.
Using a pre-built rt.jar can help this.

Ask robilad to make you a release snapshot, since snapshots contain 
compiled class library thus making everything faster.

We will get kaffe on hp-ux back on track :)


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