[kaffe] link failures on solaris

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Sat Feb 26 04:35:47 PST 2005


on legolas, solaris 2.6, I get the following link troubles

(yes, even after ./config.status --recheck, ./config.status and make 

gcc -shared -Wl,-h -Wl,libreplace-1.1.x-cvs.so -o .libs/libreplace-1.1.x-
cvs.so  .libs/dummyin6.o .libs/getaddrinfo.o .libs/getifaddrs.o .libs/
inet_pton.o .libs/inet_ntop.o .libs/memset.o .libs/semaphores.o  -
lposix4 -lc  -pthreads
Text relocation remains                         referenced
    against symbol                  offset      in file
default_hints                       0xe0        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
default_hints                       0x1fc       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x0         .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x8         .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x19c       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x1ac       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x1c4       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x1c8       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x208       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x20c       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x5d0       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x5dc       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x658       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x660       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x674       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x67c       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x14        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x18        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
gethostbyname                       0x3d8       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
getservbyname                       0x1cc       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
gethostbyaddr                       0x4b4       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
gethostbyaddr                       0x684       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
getservbyport                       0x5e0       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
freeaddrinfo                        0x47c       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
inet_ntoa                           0x598       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
inet_addr                           0x2d0       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0xb4        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0xd4        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0x3e8       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0x4fc       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0x50c       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0x524       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0x574       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0x5c4       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
h_errno                             0x6b8       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
<unknown>                           0x8         .libs/inet_ntop.o
<unknown>                           0xc         .libs/inet_ntop.o
free                                0x4c        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
free                                0x70        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
free                                0x88        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
free                                0x94        .libs/getaddrinfo.o
free                                0x468       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
atoi                                0x458       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
malloc                              0x330       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
malloc                              0x36c       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
malloc                              0x434       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strlen                              0x42c       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strlen                              0x5a0       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strlen                              0x5f4       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strlen                              0x698       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strcpy                              0x448       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strcpy                              0x5b8       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strcpy                              0x60c       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strcpy                              0x6b0       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
strcpy                              0x40        .libs/inet_ntop.o
div                                0x634       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
sprintf                             0x664       .libs/getaddrinfo.o
sprintf                             0x28        .libs/inet_ntop.o
___errno                            0x4         .libs/getifaddrs.o
___errno                            0x220       .libs/inet_pton.o
___errno                            0x50        .libs/inet_ntop.o
___errno                            0x68        .libs/inet_ntop.o
___errno                            0x58        .libs/semaphores.o
___errno                            0x6c        .libs/semaphores.o
___errno                            0xe4        .libs/semaphores.o
___errno                            0x1bc       .libs/semaphores.o
__ctype                             0xc         .libs/inet_pton.o
__ctype                             0x14        .libs/inet_pton.o
__ctype                             0x1a4       .libs/inet_pton.o
umul                               0x80        .libs/inet_pton.o
pthread_cond_signal                 0xb8        .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_unlock                0xcc        .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_unlock                0xfc        .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_unlock                0x160       .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_unlock                0x1a8       .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_unlock                0x1d4       .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_cond_destroy                0x204       .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_cond_wait                   0x140       .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_cond_init                   0x40        .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_destroy               0x21c       .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_lock                  0x88        .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_lock                  0x114       .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_lock                  0x180       .libs/semaphores.o
pthread_mutex_init                  0x24        .libs/semaphores.o
ld: fatal: relocations remain against allocatable but non-writable 
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


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