[kaffe] 'nogc' debug option question

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Jan 9 04:02:28 PST 2005


I am debugging funny behavior of Kaffe on m68k/linux. The behavior is
SEGV or some other errors (sometimes exceptions) are caused, but the
test case, or the function where it happened varied from time to time.
Usually, this may be caused by some incorrect implementation of garbage
collector (simply, 'bug') or threading system problem.

So, first I try to use 'nogc' property of debug option, but still this
problem remains.

My question is, 'is the "nogc" turns off garbage collection?'.

I still test with jthreads but I also have to check whether pthreads
works fine for latest m68k/linux, but it may happen next month at the
earliest :-)

P.S. jthreads with jit3/jit/intrp works fine for m68k/netbsd, BTW.

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