[kaffe] Native library load failure - debug output

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sun Jan 9 07:30:25 PST 2005

Michael Franz wrote:
> Hi,
> When running (trying to run) kaffe on darwin/x86 I get the same native
> library load issue as on darwin/ppc (I think this is currently fixed),
> however, for the PPC version the paths are complete and on x86 there
> are relative.  Is there code that is making them complete for certain
> platforms?


I guess this is the same problem I've encountered on openbsd. But the 
fix is different as darwin is using a 'dyld' system and not a 'ld' 
system. So here is patch to test.



> x86
> ----
> Failed to locate native library "libnative" in path:
>         ../../libraries/clib/native/:../../libraries/clib/io/:../../libraries/clib/zip/:../../libraries/clib/nio/:../../libraries/clib/security/:../../libraries/clib/classpath/
> ppc
> ---
> Failed to locate native library "libnative" in path:
>         /Users/mfranz/development/tinderbox/tinderclient/kaffe/kaffe/libraries/clib/native:/Users/mfranz/development/tinderbox/tinderclient/kaffe/kaffe/libraries/clib/net:/Users/mfranz/development/tinderbox/tinderclient/kaffe/kaffe/libraries/clib/io:/Users/mfranz/development/tinderbox/tinderclient/kaffe/kaffe/libraries/clib/nio:/Users/mfranz/development/tinderbox/tinderclient/kaffe/kaffe/libraries/clib/zip:/Users/mfranz/development/tinderbox/tinderclient/kaffe/kaffe/libraries/clib/management:/Users/mfranz/development/tinderbox/tinderclient/kaffe/kaffe/libraries/clib/security
> Michael
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