[kaffe] linux/ppc regression failures

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Fri Jan 14 01:24:26 PST 2005


Linux/PPC (MkLInux specifically) report:

Reconfigured to use INTRP, external rt.jar. Failed regressions: FileTest.
fail               KaffeVerifyBug.fail        SoTimeout.fail
InetSocketAddressTest.fail  NetworkInterfaceTest.fail  UDPTest.fail
InternHog.fail              NoClassDefTest.fail        WaitTest.fail

cat FileTest.fail Directory "/tmp" does exist Directory "/" does exist
Directory "/tmp" does exist Directory "" does exist File "/NotExist2" 
does not exist File "NotExist2" does not exist caught 1 File "NotExist2" 
does not exist
 cat KaffeVerifyBug.fail java.lang.InternalError: 
Unhandled getnameinfo error: Bad value for ai_flags:
   at gnu.
java.net.SysInetAddressImpl.getHostByAddr (SysInetAddressImpl.java)
at java.net.InetAddress.getHostName (InetAddress.java:412)
   at java.
net.InetSocketAddress.<init> (InetSocketAddress.java:89)
   at java.net.
Socket.bind (Socket.java:354)
   at java.net.Socket.<init> (Socket.java:
   at java.net.Socket.<init> (Socket.java:165)
   at KaffeVerifyBug.
doit (KaffeVerifyBug.java:21)
   at KaffeVerifyBug.main (KaffeVerifyBug.
 SoTimeout.fail, InetSocketAddressTest.fail, UDPTest.fail have 
the same problem as above.
 cat NetworkInterfaceTest.fail kaffe.util.
NotImplemented: OS doesn't support getifaddrs()
   at java.net.
NetworkInterface.getRealNetworkInterfaces (NetworkInterface.java)
java.net.NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces (NetworkInterface.java:
   at NetworkInterfaceTest.main (NetworkInterfaceTest.java:23)

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