[kaffe] Never resync again? ;)

Stuart Ballard stuart.a.ballard at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 08:05:49 PST 2005

I've been watching all the "Resynced with GNU Classpath" messages
coming through my inbox and a thought occurred to me. Okay, Dalibor's
a patching machine in and of himself, but I'm sure he must get sick of
resyncing the same files over and over and over.

AIUI Kaffe is almost perfectly sunc with Classpath except for
java.util.zip and some stuff in java.lang. Would it be worth modifying
Kaffe's build scripts to actually pull Classpath's sources from
*their* CVS, and just build everything direct from Classpath except
those two packages? Then only the remainder of java.lang would need to
be kept in sync manually (and any parts of java.util.zip that *are*
merged, I'm not sure how much is a completely separate implementation
in Kaffe).

Is this an idea worth pursuing, or is there a value in manual syncing
that I'm missing?



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