[kaffe] Java/JNI references for kaffe

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sat Jan 29 04:34:04 PST 2005


I am sending a patch for the current Kaffe source tree to enable Java 
and JNI support for references. Before I commit there are still some 
issues to solve:

* RefTest does not successfully pass the second reference clearing. The 
finalizer is invoked but the GC never destroy the object (GC bug ?).
* Copyright notices aren't there.
* There are no differences between the different reference flavour. 
Implementing this would require a modification to kaffe-gc which will be 
able to chose between 'must free' and 'should free'. :)


Guilhem Lavaux.

P.S.: This diff has been generated before Dalibor's last patch.

P.P.S.: As it is a big I am sending it in compressed form.
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