[kaffe] Problem to find a JVM for eCos

R&D4 r&d4 at dave-tech.it
Mon Jul 4 00:35:48 PDT 2005

Hi Danny!

I worked with Kaffe and other JVM with our ARM7 based board (16MB RAM, 4MB 
with both Linux (well.. uClinux :-) and eCos.

There was not an official eCos support for Kaffe at that time (only some 
patches here and there ;-)
so I decided to use Kaffe with uClinux (with very good results!) and 
anothere JVM with eCos (Wonka, 


Best Regards,


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email: r&d4 at dave-tech.it

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>Subject: [kaffe] Problem to find a JVM for eCos
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>Hallo together!
>I have following problem:
>I have an ARM Industrial Module AIM 711 with following features:
>ARM7 50 MHz 32 Bit RISC CPU
>8 MB SDRAM, 2 MB Flash, RTC
>I have installed “eCos” as Operating System on this target board as Embedded
>System.  Now, I have to install a Java Virtual Machine for eCos. This JVM is
>necessary, because i want to work with an OSGI Framework.
>My problem: I have searched for several JVM, which are suitable for eCos,
>but the most JVM for embedded Systems are for other Operating Systems, like
>Linux . Does anybody know. If a JVM for eCos exists?. When yes, could you
>tell me, where I can get the source code. When there isn´t any JVM for eCos,
>what I have to modify of the source code of a JVM (for. Example the “Kaffe
>Virtual Machine”). Is it necessary to modify some parts of the source code
>or does anybody know an easier solution.
>Thank you so much for your answers.

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