[kaffe] Debian bug reports summary

Wolfgang Baer WBaer at gmx.de
Tue Jul 12 13:58:36 PDT 2005

Hi all,

here is the debian bug reports summary:

Bugs not fixed (tested by me):

Error when directory containing the class has special characters
Seems not to be kaffe specific (jamvm/sablevm fail too)

#305258: java/lang/Runtime.availableProcessors not implemented
Seems to be kaffe specific (Runtime.c implementation)

#307983: setting java.util.logging.Logger handlers
Seems to be kaffe specific (jamvm works)

still present with CVS 12/07/05:
java.lang.ClassCastException: can't cast `java/util/logging/ConsoleHandler'
(bootstrap@(nil)) to `TestHandler' (java/lang/ClassLoader$1 at 0x82da3dc)
    at Main.main (Main.java:34)

Bugs partly fixed:

#270709: Kaffe can't run Apache Struts webapp

Tested - the original error didn't appear anymore. But somehow kaffe
gets a ClassNotFoundException searching for a class in struts-legacy.jar
which is not deployed with tomcat4. The wired thing is that SUN JDK
doesn't need this class from the jar - there must be somewhere inside
struts a test of none-sun runtimes or something which requests this
legacy class.
After putting struts-legacy in classpath I got NumberFormatExceptions
during properties loading - moving all properties files out of the way
the tomcat admin webapp worked :-)

Needs to be more investigated why it wants struts-legacy.jar and why it
fails with NumberFormatException during loading this properties files.

Any clues ?

Bugs fixed (tested by me):

Incorrect result due to computations in extended precision on x86

#308532: getMethodSignatureClass: Assertion `class->state >= 

#308745: Tomcat 4 fails to start with Kaffe; Security Manager issue

Bugs fixed/implemented upstream (classpath cvs):

#305623: java.nio.FileChannelImpl.lock(): not implemented
Implemented recently in classpath CVS

Feature Requests:

#304927: Kaffe: javah missing -force option

Seems to be needed for the subversion javahl build with
kaffe - so would be nice to have :-)

#296569: kaffe: Add -V option to jar implementation

I don't see a -V or --version option in either SUN JDK
1.4 or 1.5 - well fastjar has it. I will ask the bug submitter
for more information.

The remaining debian kaffe bugs are packaging issues - so
nothing you have to bother with.


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