[kaffe] kaffeh and inner classes

Wolfgang Baer WBaer at gmx.de
Sat Jul 16 12:40:57 PDT 2005

Kurt Miller wrote:
> From: "Guilhem Lavaux" <guilhem at kaffe.org>
>>Thank you very much for your patch ! We are sometimes a bit low to
>>answer and sorry for that. I will try it and if it looks ok it will go
>>into CVS.
> No worries. :-)
> Here's a new version that also adds -bootclasspath for better
> compatiblity with Suns javah.
> I've got some other patches I'm working on for kaffeh/support.c
> that fixes some issues there. I'll send that in a few days when
> I've verified some more things.

Do you intend to implement the -force option for kaffeh ?

We have currently a bug open on the debian kaffe package and it seems
this option is needed to build the subversions javahl bindings with

Thanks for your work,


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