[kaffe] Re: Problem of porting kaffe to ecos on ARM 7 hardware target

Riccardo Mottola zuse at libero.it
Sat Jul 30 07:23:30 PDT 2005


Danny wrote:

> 	What´s wrong?
> 	When I execute "configure", do I have to add the option "--
> with-includes", because the first error in make is:
> 	"stddef.h: No such file or directory". When I do this, there are
> still so many errors.
> Do I have to say the compiler, where to find some special header files? Does
> the compiler takes the wrong header files or does the compiler takes the
> system header files of my system (Linux) instead of taking the header files
> both of eCos and kaffe?
for a typical gcc cross-compiler chain, the cross-compiler will have 
care about the correct libraries, but I don't know in your case...

Also I suggest you to try to update your patches for kaffe 1.1.5 or even 
CVS. A lot has changed and several things have improved (well, 
somethings not...) so on the long run itn may be worth the effort. Also 
we kaffe maintainers use all our few energies to maintain current 
patches and we don't maintain old versions anymore.
Possibly some of the patches you use are clean enough to be integrated 
in current kaffe (or maybe they aren't even needed anymore) or possibly 
the sinby guys might be interested.

Have fun,

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