[kaffe] NPE while printing a stack trace

Daniel Bonniot Daniel.Bonniot at inria.fr
Thu Jun 9 09:26:35 PDT 2005

Helmer, thanks a lot for your fix!

With the same setup, here is another bug (I have been seeing it for a lot 
time, but could not reproduce it reliably until now):

$ cat trace.t
/// PASS bug
   int[][] l = [[0,1],[1,2]];
   int[] bar = l.map(<T> (T[] x) => x[1]);
You have new mail.
$ /usr/local/src/kaffe/install/bin/kaffe -cp /usr/share/java/nice.jar \
nice.tools.testsuite.TestNice -runtime /usr/share/java/nice.jar trace.t
run test engine
   testsuite: trace.t
    at java.lang.Object.getClass (Object.java:331)
    at java.lang.VMSystem.arraycopy (VMSystem.java:92)
    at java.lang.System.arraycopy (System.java:234)
    at java.lang.String.getChars (String.java:398)
    at java.lang.StringBuffer.append (StringBuffer.java:314)
    at java.lang.StackTraceElement.toString (StackTraceElement.java:193)
    at java.lang.Throwable.stackTraceStringBuffer (Throwable.java:477)
    at java.lang.Throwable.stackTraceString (Throwable.java:418)
    at java.lang.Throwable.printStackTrace (Throwable.java:398)
    at nice.lang.fun.printStackTraceWithSourceInfo (source file unknown:735)
    at nice.lang.dispatch.printStackTraceWithSourceInfo (source file 
unknown:line unknown, pc 0x93820a2)
    at nice.lang.fun.printStackTraceWithSourceInfo (source file unknown:line 
unknown, pc 0x9382110)
    at nice.lang.dispatch.printStackTraceWithSourceInfo (source file 
unknown:line unknown, pc 0x93822cb)
    at nice.tools.compiler.fun.compile (source file unknown:61)
    at nice.tools.testsuite.TestCase.compilePackage (TestCase.java:337)
    at nice.tools.testsuite.TestCase.compilePackages (TestCase.java:295)
    at nice.tools.testsuite.PassTestCase.performTest (PassTestCase.java:45)
    at nice.tools.testsuite.TestSuite.performTests (TestSuite.java:216)
    at nice.tools.testsuite.TestSuite.<init> (TestSuite.java:85)
    at nice.tools.testsuite.TestNice.performTests (TestNice.java:414)
    at nice.tools.testsuite.TestNice.main (TestNice.java:208)

The good news is that after working around this bug (and lots of memory), 
kaffe can run Nice's entire testsuite with no bug (besides one that I already 
fixed in classpath). Awesome!

So after this bug is fixed, things should start to look quite good from my 
point of view.



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