[kaffe] mips jit broken

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Tue Jun 14 14:01:52 PDT 2005

Hey all!

compiling cvs on mips-linux using JIT and jthreads results in even the 
jitBasic test failing:

40:             sw      i23,-44(fp)
40:     check_stack_limit:
48:             sgtu    i25,i5,sp
48:             bne     i25,zero,+3
4c:             nop
54:             call [soft_stackoverflow]
58:             nop
/bin/sh: line 1: 12516 Aborted                 env TEST_
CLASSES="ConstMethods.class ConstMathMethods.class ParameterizedMethods.
class ParameterizedMathMethods.class ParameterizedLogicalMethods.class 
ParameterizedBitwiseMethods.class ControlFlowMethods.class 
StaticMethodCall.class TypeConversion.class StaticFields.class 
PrimitiveArrays.class ObjectFields.class MethodOptimizations.class 
NativeMethodCall.class Exceptions.class" `BOOTCLASSPATH="."; export 
BOOTCLASSPATH; . ../../BUILD_ENVIRONMENT; sed 's/.*export \(.*\)/echo \
1=$\1/' < ../../BUILD_ENVIRONMENT | sh` ${dir}$tst
FAIL: jitBasic
1 of 1 tests failed


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