[kaffe] Re: kaffe's license

Jim White jim at pagesmiths.com
Thu Jun 16 12:30:07 PDT 2005

Jim Pick wrote:

> ...
> The GPL license is somewhat undefined in terms of how it interacts with
> other code.  It's not a license I would have chosen for a virtual
> machine.  Some people say if you run an application on top of the VM,
> you would have to make that application GPL-licensed too.  Some people
> say that's nonsense (I tend to agree with that viewpoint).

That is clearly FUD.  GNU explicitly says that is not the case, and if 
it were the case then any non-open source application running on Linux 
would be in violation.


The lack of undue dependency for VM's made clear here:


The poster's original question is also answered by GNU:


Jim White

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