[kaffe] What UnicodeLittle should be?

Ito Kazumitsu ito.kazumitsu at hidec.co.jp
Thu Jun 23 19:37:54 PDT 2005


I have found that the famous Java Excel API
(http://www.andykhan.com/jexcelapi/) does not work with Kaffe
these days: Japanese text cannot be extracted from Excel worksheets.

This seems to be due to the difference between iconv
and gnu.java.nio.charset on the handling of UnicodeLittle.

iconv, which kaffe used before importing gnu.java.nio.charset,
treats UnicodeLittle as an alias of UCS-2LE (WITHOUT byte order mark).
But gnu.java.nio.charset.UnicodeLittle treats it as UTF-16
little endian WITH byte order mark.

I do not know which is correct, but seeing the behavior of
Java Excel API, I think iconv's implementation is correct.

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