[kaffe] building kaffe with less packages

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Mar 1 08:59:36 PST 2005

mourad el badaoui wrote:
> hi i have just suscribed to the mailing list 
> i wonder if some one could tell me the steps followed to build kaffe
> with less packages and thx
> i want to port it to a gateway

Hi Mourad, welcome to the mailing list!

Ususally, you can build kaffe using the ./configure && make && make 
install sequence of commands.

The configure script accepts certain switches that tell it to not build 
certain parts of kaffe. That can be used to cut the dependencies down. 
For example, --disable-native-awt will not build the native AWT classes, 
which means you don't need X, gtk, qt or microwindows on your target.

Try ./configure --help for a list of switches supported by configure.

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