[kaffe] Azureus loaded.

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Fri Mar 25 19:14:42 PST 2005

Hi list,

  I am attempting to drive Azureus[1] working on Kaffe. It is known to
depend on Sun-specific private APIs, so that I have to "clean up". At
the moment, Azureus can be loaded by Kaffe with the patch in attachment,
and you might see everything seems to be ready to work. However, there
are still many functions not working.

  If you don't want to patch Azureus, I have provided preload classes in
the following url:


Just untar azureus directory and launch:

  kaffe \
      -cp swt.jar:swt-pi.jar:preload:Azureus2.jar \
      -Djava.library.path=. \

  That's the first step, and we need more work for Azureus.

Jim Huang

[1] http://azureus.sourceforge.net/

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