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Sat Mar 26 02:20:08 PST 2005

Am Donnerstag, den 24.03.2005, 04:19 +0100 schrieb Dalibor Topic:

> > As for the next release - I'm delegating that to Dalibor.  (I'm just too 
> > short on time lately)
> OK. I think I should get the remaining patches on the list in, and roll
> a release by the weekend, unless something major happens. Make distcheck
> is fixed again, most of debian arches should build fine, tomcat4 works
> out of the box on x86, I was able to run gjdoc on all of kaffe and
> generate the javadocs, too. So it doesn't look bad at all.

Correction: all debian arches built fine. pre12 should hit Debian's
testing archive on Sunday. With the various success reports from Jim
Huang, the upcoming release looks quite nice.

> My list of pending patches includes:

> cygwin fixes from Gerrit Haase
> Pending patches form Ito on Classpath list.

Ito's patches will go in when I wake up, and then I'll have a go at
Gerrit's fixes.

I've fixed a few more build failures last night. It would be good to
have a few tests on NetBSD and OpenBSD for good measure. Save from a few
bizarrities on darwin5 and darwin6-jit, I think everything should build
just fine. The tinderbox had 7/8 green bars last night, with Darwin7
(intrp) also passing all tests with flying colors.

Things I still want to look at are:
Making RMIC ant task work for lucene build & gump
Important Debian bug reports
Fixing the issues reported by David.

Things that would need someone else to look at:
Darwin5 & 6 have some weird issues. Darwin 6 with intrp builds fine on
the tinderbox, but fails on most regression test due to not being able
to find libnio.
Alpha-Linux has some pretty clear JNI trouble. That could be fixable by
looking at make CFLAGS=-Wall output. ;)

> I think we should just release a 1.1.5 now, rather than try to make it
> perfect on all platforms. That didn't work so well over tha last year,
> so let's try something different: quick point releases. Early, often and
> all that.

In that spirit, I plan to have a release candidate tarball ready tonight
for testing, and barring some huge problems, a release tomorrow.

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