[kaffe] Newbie : SecurityException problems

Archaiesteron archaiesteron at laposte.net
Sun Mar 27 12:09:20 PST 2005

Michael Koch wrote:

>On Sun, Mar 27, 2005 at 09:43:58PM +0200, Archaiesteron wrote:
>>java.lang.SecurityException: Prohibited package: java/awt/DefaultKeyboardFocusManager
>>   at javax.swing.UIManager.maybeInitialize (UIManager.java:1164)
>>   at javax.swing.UIManager.getUI (UIManager.java:775)
>>   at javax.swing.JPanel.updateUI (JPanel.java:104)
>>   at javax.swing.JPanel.<init> (JPanel.java:64)
>>   at javax.swing.JPanel.<init> (JPanel.java:87)
>>   at javax.swing.JPanel.<init> (JPanel.java:95)
>>   at javax.swing.JRootPane.createGlassPane (JRootPane.java:480)
>>   at javax.swing.JRootPane.<init> (JRootPane.java:311)
>>   at javax.swing.JWindow.createRootPane (JWindow.java:233)
>>   at javax.swing.JWindow.windowInit (JWindow.java:224)
>>   at javax.swing.JWindow.<init> (JWindow.java:161)
>>   at javax.swing.JWindow.<init> (JWindow.java:112)
>>   at baruchel.hemicycle.Hemicycle.main (Hemicycle.java:631)
>>   at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke0 (Method.java)
>>   at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke (Method.java:255)
>>   at kaffe.jar.ExecJarName.main (ExecJarName.java:67)
>>   at kaffe.jar.ExecJar.main (ExecJar.java:75)
>Looks like your application installs a SecurityManager and triggers a
>bug in  javax.swing.UIManager.maybeInitialize. I guess there is some
>call to java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged() missing as
>java.awt is surely no prohibited package. It should be loaded by the
>system classloader. If thats not the case, its another bug.
Thank you for this quick answer. No, I don't play with any security aspect.
The line "631" of my code
    at baruchel.hemicycle.Hemicycle.main (Hemicycle.java:631)
only contains

It is for a splash window appearing on the screen in order to make the 
user happy
during the launch/initialization time. It is obviously the first window 
on the screen.

Since the problem occurs at the very beginning of the execution, I can 
copy these
lines :

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Splash Screen
    JWindow splash = new JWindow();
    JLabel content = new JLabel(new ImageIcon(
    splash.pack(); splash.setLocationRelativeTo(null);
    splash.show();   // the line 631 of my code
    // SNIP ...


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